#1 Iola Bump and Jump – Race Recap

Well all the spring skill building drills and hill climbs led to the first race of the year for some of the team. The first race was held at Iola Winter Sports Area in Iola, WI. The weather was little cool, but it was great for racing. The course had changed from previous years which included the elimination of “The Wall” which was a hard steep hill to climb and the addition of some flowing new single track. The changes made for a fun, but yet challenging course.

The team had a great turnout for this race. I am proud to announce the the SPYCT team was scattered all over the podium for a lot of the age groups. While not everyone got a podium, it really comes down to seeing the kids having a blast racing their bikes. So proud of these kids!!!!

Here is a list of the team members and their places.


  • Elana – 3rd
  • Tommy – 1st
  • Hakon – 2nd
  • James – 9th
  • Sam – 6th
  • Nathan I – 10th
  • Nathan B – 1st
  • Tyler – 4th
  • Kenny – 4th
  • Zac – 3rd
  • Owen – 6th
  • Cam – 7th
  • Alex – 3rd
  • Trevor – 9th


  • Alison – 2nd
  • Austin – 1st
  • Max – 2nd


  • Matt – 4th

Thanks to Extreme Photography Unlimited for the outstanding pictures. www.xtrphoto.com





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