#10 WORS Treadfest Recap

Word: Sweltering

So the word for this race does not do it justice. The only saving grace was the it was not as hot and humid for the kids as for the rest of the racers later in the day. I am assuming the reason for the lower number of team members at this race was due to the heat and also being Labor Day weekend. Anyhoo….

We have to first say a thing about our teammate Nick. He was pre-riding on Saturday and his trajectory on the path was not the most accurate and ended up hitting a tree and breaking a finger. His season has come to a halt for WORS and also for the NICA team. It is a terrible thing to see it end this way. He has come a long ways this year. Watch out next year!

The race itself took place at Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva. Another ski hill which in turn means climbing and more climbing. The start hill seems to be the monster of this race, but many commented that it seems around every corner there was a small hill to climb. While not big climbs they do take their toll. That along with the heat made for a very demanding race mentally and physically.

Shout outs for the team: Ruby, 3rd place, Elana 3rd place, Erin 1st place, Tommy 2nd place, Nathan 4th,  Max 1st place, Corbin 3rd place, Jack 3rd place.

WOW!!! SPYCT was on the podium a lot for this race. Way to go team!


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