#2 Battle of Camrock – Race Recap

It sure was nice to sleep in your own bed the night before the race. Racing at a location that we practice at can lead to somewhat of a home field advantage. The race course at Camrock has more single track than most races which the kids absolutely love.

The race starts at the base of a steep start hill and can be pretty intimidating for the racers. That is why we practice that hill over and over at practices. All the hard work does pay off. A last minute change by the Race Director was to have the juniors start halfway up the hill. That made some kids happy while it made for a tough and some what hectic transition at the top of the hill due to the narrowing of the course.

As for the race after the start hill it is rather difficult to get an idea of how it went. As the trails tend to go further away from the viewing area. The parents and coaches enjoyed seeing the kids having fun and also see the pride they had with their accomplishments.

The team had a number of kids try their first WORS race and it was a special day for those kids. All the nerves, anticipation and the not knowing of what is about to happen can be very hard to handle at times. The wait before the start is the hardest. That is when all those feelings can take over, but once the race starts all those feelings take a back seat to all the training and riding they have done the previous months. Its business time!!! As a coach you never know how kids will react at the start line or even after the finish. Every kid is different and that is one thing that I love about this team. We are not trying to create the next professional mountain biker. We are teaching them a skill that they can enjoy for the rest of their life. We play, bond, ride, learn, fall, get up all as a team. The race is such a small part of what this “team” is about.


Another great turnout for the team. It was so fun to spend the day with these great kids and families.

So proud of these kids!!!!

Here is a list of the team members and their places. WOW 31 team members raced!! That is incredible…..

**Special shout out to these team mates as it was their first race as a member of SPYCT!!!!!


  • Elana – 3rd
  • Estella – 5th **
  • Emma – 2nd **
  • Tommy – 1st
  • Hakon – 2nd
  • James – 9th
  • Michael – 12th **
  • Sam – 6th
  • Parker – 8th **
  • Nathan I – 11th
  • Nathan B – 2nd
  • Tyler – 3rd
  • Isaiah – 6th **
  • Connor – 7th
  • Caden – 2nd **
  • Zac – 3rd
  • John – 5th
  • Kenny – 8th
  • Owen – 5th
  • Cam – 8th
  • Alex – 4rd
  • Reece – 11th
  • Trevor – 12th


  • Alison – 2nd
  • Max – 1st
  • Austin – 2nd
  • Drew – 22nd
  • Nick – 13th


  • Corbin – 3rd
  • Matt – 4th
  • Will – 7th

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