#5 Minooka Park – Race Recap

What a great weekend for camping, racing and hanging out with the team. The weather was fantastic for both days of the race. Since this venue is close to home, many drove over for the pre-ride and then again on race morning.

COL_0281_16The course here is what I would describe as a fast and flowing course. The single track, while a bit technical, seems to flow very nicely, if you find the right speed. We are back to those silly start hills……I ask why! The start hill always spreads out the field and then the course continues on a long double track run out until we hit the first section of single track. The first section of single track is around .75 miles into the race. Still many riders get backed up on the first section and the race pace slows until the racers get spread out again. Passing in the single track can be tricky, but the trails at Minooka Park are a bit wider, so as long as you work together it can be done safely. The course consists of only one more longer climb and that is towards the end of the lap. After that climb it is all out to the end. Many riders love this course and it does rank as one of my top race venues.

Special shout out to Parker for his first every podium! Way to go!!!!


Thanks to Extreme Photography Unlimited for the outstanding pictures. www.xtrphoto.com


  • Tommy – 1st
  • James – 10th
  • Sam – 3rd
  • Parker – 4th
  • Adam – 8th
  • Nathan – 10th
  • Nate “The Terminator” – 2nd
  • Tyler – 6th
  • Connor – 9th
  • Zach – 3rd
  • Kenny – 6th
  • Cam – 8th
  • Alex – 7th
  • Trevor – 10th


  • Max – 1st
  • Nick – 17th


  • Corbin – 3rd
  • Matt – 1st
  • Austin – 3rd

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