#6 – Midwest Championships, Cascade Mtn.

Hot and Hot!!! It was a very hot weekend for racing with heat indexes into the 100’s for most of the weekend. The weather did not corporate for the juniors. The only rain over the weekend was during their race. Rain is an understatement, it pooooured! It made for some fun spectating and racing for the juniors.

Cam pushing through the mud!

The weekend consisted of the normal XC race and along with that it also consisted of a Short Track and Enduro style events. Some of team participated in some of the other events to test there abilities. The XC course was a tough and hilly course and adding in the rain made for a even tougher course. Some of the team got away with only having to deal with the heat and while others had to deal with the rain and mud. It was a first for many to race in the rain and a muddy course. You never know how the kids will react with these conditions. All I can say is that most of the kids thought it was a blast! While it can be fun for the kids it does make for a week of cleaning the bikes thoroughly after racing in the mud.

Like I mentioned the course is technical and hilly making for a tough course. The hills are relentless! You really never get a chance to recover fully. Thank goodness that the kids have had a few practices here to understand the course…when dry. Some last minute changes to the course did make it a littler easier. A “little” is the key word here.


As for the Short Track race and course it was a bit soft from the rain the day before. It was really hot and humid for that race. A few of the team did participate in this event. Short Track is an all out race for 15 minutes on a simplified course. It is nicknamed the “Hurricane Of Pain”. It hurts is all I can say. Full speed and full gas for 15 minutes is tough.

Corbin on his way to a first place finish in the Short Track!!! Great Job!!

The Enduro style race is where you ride to the top of the hill and then proceed down on a downhill single course where the downhill course is timed. You do this twice and the the winner has the best combined time. The course of full of rock gardens, berms and is full of technical features.

Coach Roy during the downhill portion. Look at that form!              MID_4006_16Matt ejecting after a mistake on the rock garden!!!

A special shout out to Corbin for a awesome weekend of racing. He finished first in his XC race and followed that up with another 1st in his Short Track race. Plenty of medals for that fast kid! His season is turning into one to remember.

Corbin’s podium for one of his 1st place finishes!

Thanks to Extreme Photography Unlimited for the outstanding pictures. www.xtrphoto.com

Drew setting up the pass during the XC race.
  • Elana – 3rd
  • Estella – 4th
  • Tommy – 1st
  • James – 7th
  • Sam – 8th
  • Nathan – 2nd
  • Connor – 5th
  • Zach – 8th
  • Owen – 12th
  • Cam – 18th
  • Max – 2nd
  • Austin – 5th
  • Drew – 13th
  • Reece – 15th
  • Alison – 2nd
  • Nick – 12th
  • Corbin – 1st
  • Matt – 2nd
  • Kaden – 8th

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