#8 Minooka Race Recap


That is the word from the race. It was 85+ degrees and sunny. While it was warm in the sun the shade was nice and riding in the trees wasn’t as bad. Still hydrating and hydrating some more and cooling rags were a must for this race. These trails have become one of my favorite. I just love riding the flowing single track.

The team had 22 kids racing (If I counted right). It seemed that every where you looked you saw “Red Fury” jerseys. While we had some great results from the team. I know some of the kids struggled with the heat. Racing in the heat can be difficult and very draining.

Here are a couple special callouts…..

  • Alex K…. first podium…woohoo
  • James P…I believe it was his best finish
  • Tommy A….podium
  • Max B….podium, first callup for the year also.
  • Corbin H….podium

I am sure I missed some. It is hard to keep track of all the awesome kids we have.

Special thanks to the parents who endured the heat, sun and early morning for this race. Without your unwavering support this would not be possible.

See you all in Green Bay!!!



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