#8 Reforestation Ramble – Suamico

Another week of racing has concluded for the team. The team visited Suamico which is just north of Green Bay. The venue is known for its great single track and it did not disappoint.

The weekend started out a little wet, but a dry Saturday night and Sunday morning made for near prefect trails. Tacky and fast! The new course layout removed some of the hills, so it made for a fast…fast race. With single track interrupted with some double track made for a race that you could put the pedal down and go all out.


Way to go Owen! The special shout out goes to Owen. He captured his first ever 1st place finish. It comes to prove that hard work and dedication does pay off. He will looks to build on that accomplishment at the remaining races. I wish I would have seen him after the race, but I was on course. A great big high five to you buddy!



It isn’t all about the kids. Well it is sort of! Some parents raced here also which is so cool to see and I know that the kids really love seeing the parents ripping it up out there. Here are a some images of them.

RAM_1551_16  RAM_1658_16 RAM_1401_16


Well two more races and then the season will be done. With the team invading Lake Geneva and then Sheboygan for the finale.

Thanks to Extreme Photography Unlimited for the outstanding pictures. www.xtrphoto.com

  • Emma – 3rd
  • Hakon – 3rd
  • James – 8th
  • Nathan – 9th
  • Nathan – 2nd
  • Tyler – 5th
  • Zach – 3rd
  • Kenneth – 9th
  • Owen – 1st
  • Alex – 7th
  • Trevor – 11th
  • Max – 2nd
  • Alison – 2nd
  • Nick – 9th
  • Josh – 3rd
  • Jack – 3rd
  • Corbin – 2nd
  • Austin – 3rd


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