#1 Iola Bump and Jump – Race Recap

Well all the spring skill building drills and hill climbs led to the first race of the year for some of the team. The first race was held at Iola Winter Sports Area in Iola, WI. The weather was little cool, but it was great for racing. The course had changed from previous years which included the elimination of “The Wall” which was a hard steep hill to climb and the addition of some flowing new single track. The changes made for a fun, but yet challenging course.

The team had a great turnout for this race. I am proud to announce the the SPYCT team was scattered all over the podium for a lot of the age groups. While not everyone got a podium, it really comes down to seeing the kids having a blast racing their bikes. So proud of these kids!!!!

Here is a list of the team members and their places.


  • Elana – 3rd
  • Tommy – 1st
  • Hakon – 2nd
  • James – 9th
  • Sam – 6th
  • Nathan I – 10th
  • Nathan B – 1st
  • Tyler – 4th
  • Kenny – 4th
  • Zac – 3rd
  • Owen – 6th
  • Cam – 7th
  • Alex – 3rd
  • Trevor – 9th


  • Alison – 2nd
  • Austin – 1st
  • Max – 2nd


  • Matt – 4th

Thanks to Extreme Photography Unlimited for the outstanding pictures. www.xtrphoto.com





SPYCT to ramp things up!!!

The season is fast approaching. The team is about to begin practices and to get the kids into cycling shape. The first couple practices will be tough for the newer kids and a refresher for the returning members. If you didn’t do anything all winter, get ready because it will be evident quickly.

The team is getting big!! I can not believe that we have this many interested kids the SP area, when Sun Prairie itself does not have a local trail. Come on City representatives…lets recognize the want and need for the community to have a local trail! Can you imagine if we had a local trail how big this team could be! #untappedresource #spyct

Check over your bike and get them in working order prior to practice.

-Coach Doug

SPYCT brings home some hardware!!!

WORS held the end of the year banquet in Stevens Point this past weekend. The banquet is held to celebrate the long year of racing, along with awarding those racers that placed in the top 3 in the overall standings.  SPYCT had a number of kids receive a plaque for their efforts this season..

Representing SPYCT on the overall podium were the following: Erin 2nd place, Alison 3rd place, Max 1st place, Corbin 3rd place and Jack 3rd place.  These kids, along with all the other kids on the team, worked hard, learned a ton and pushed themselves this past year.

Not only did these team members receive individual awards, the team as a whole received 2 awards. SPYCT earned 3rd place in Overall Junior Team points. This award means that we have a fast group of kids!  SPYCT also placed 2nd in the Junior participation points. This award is based completely on the number of kids we had at each race. That shows a level of commitment and dedication to the sport and their team.  I will have both of the team plaques at the banquet next Sunday, 11/1.

Thanks for a great year!!!

2015 SPYCT Team Awards


Season Championships for SP NICA Team at Cascade

The championships mark the end of the season for the SP Composite MTB Team. The race was the 5th and final race of the 2015 season. The course was in great shape. It was dry and fast and while it was a tough course our team had spent some time in the last month riding it. I am sure spending that time on the course helped out some as they were very familiar with it.

While the season has ended it also marks the end of a few teammates High School racing career. A special shout out to Will, Jack and Hunter. It was great watching you guys progress as racers. Take care and don’t be strangers.

As for the race we had a few podiums and even some made the overall season podiums. You can find all the results here Wisconsin MTB. Here are some of the highlights:


Max B – 1st, Alison – 4th, Corbin – 2nd, Josh – 6th, Cam – 39th, Reece – 41st, Drew – 42nd, Owen – 46th, Trevor – 66th, Will – 19th, Hunter – 24th, Kaden – DNF

Overall Season Standings:

Kaden 15th, Will 19th, Hunter 20th, Alison 4th, Corbin 2nd, Max 2nd, Josh 7th, Cam 32nd, Owen 36th, Drew 42nd, Reece 54th, Trevor 43rd.

Overall Team Standings:

This is something we can build on. Overall we are a young team and will only get stronger as we start filtering into different grade classifications.

 Thanks to all the kids, parents and coaches for a fun and entertaining season. The team will grow as we add more new kids to the team next year. If you know anyone that would be interested in joining our team for the 2016 Fall please let me know. There has to be more girls out there that want to try mtb racing. We need girls, Alison would like some other girls to talk to!


Coach Doug

NICA Iola Race #3 Recap

It was a beautiful day for racing and spectating. The course itself was in great shape and consisted of single track early and a longer section of double track to end the lap. Fast and fun was the description of this course. The team was well represented on the podium. Max was 2nd place in the Middle School division, Corbin 2nd place in Freshman division, Alison 2nd place in Freshman division. Others are having strong finishes week after week are Kaden and Josh are moving up the overall standings each week. After the 3rd race the team members are settling in to what the NICA race series is all about. The team is currently in 6th place out of 26 teams from around the state.

The team will be traveling to Mt. Morris for the Nordic Navigator on October 4th.

Please see the following link for results: http://www.wisconsinmtb.org/2015-race-results/

Alison drafting
Cam getting a breather.
Kaden throwing it into a corner.


SPYCT Team Member Highlight – Ruby

One of Sun Prairie Youth Cycling’s newest team members is Ruby Enyart, who is 7 years old. She has two races under her belt, finishing in 3rd place in Lake Geneva at one of the hilliest mountain biking trails around. She always has a bright smile on her face even when coming in to the finish in sweltering heat. Her favorite race was Reforestation Ramble in Suamico a few weeks ago because the rain that morning turned the trails into mud.  She said she even had mud in her teeth! When asked what she likes most about being on the team she says her teammates and coaches make it fun and everyone is really nice. Her parents agree. The coaches have such a love for the sport that it’s contagious. Ruby’s parents have even been able to get out on the trails  during practice which has renewed their love of mountain biking. The coaches are such a positive force that Ruby looks forward to bike practice. Her mountain biking skills have improved tremendously from the beginning of the season. She’s a more confident biker and her parents are impressed with her technique, even at her young age, all thanks to her coaches. She calls all her teammates her friends and feels privileged to be part of the awesome sport of mountain biking.

image2 image3


#10 WORS Treadfest Recap

Word: Sweltering

So the word for this race does not do it justice. The only saving grace was the it was not as hot and humid for the kids as for the rest of the racers later in the day. I am assuming the reason for the lower number of team members at this race was due to the heat and also being Labor Day weekend. Anyhoo….

We have to first say a thing about our teammate Nick. He was pre-riding on Saturday and his trajectory on the path was not the most accurate and ended up hitting a tree and breaking a finger. His season has come to a halt for WORS and also for the NICA team. It is a terrible thing to see it end this way. He has come a long ways this year. Watch out next year!

The race itself took place at Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva. Another ski hill which in turn means climbing and more climbing. The start hill seems to be the monster of this race, but many commented that it seems around every corner there was a small hill to climb. While not big climbs they do take their toll. That along with the heat made for a very demanding race mentally and physically.

Shout outs for the team: Ruby, 3rd place, Elana 3rd place, Erin 1st place, Tommy 2nd place, Nathan 4th,  Max 1st place, Corbin 3rd place, Jack 3rd place.

WOW!!! SPYCT was on the podium a lot for this race. Way to go team!