Youth Team Information

Below you will find some basic information about the team. The information will give you a idea of what the team is and how we break down the team. One very important thing to note is that all the children practice together regardless of their age or skill level. The reason for that is to create the “Team” atmosphere regardless of their age.

Team Expectations:    Each child / family will be expected to participate in a respectful and supportive manner of each team member and other cyclists. All team members are expected to respect the rules of the road, trails and landowners that we may be using during our rides or practices.

Team Fees:

  • Team Fee: $70

All members will participate in practices, lessons and group rides at local trails. All members will get the same support whether they choose to be a competitive cyclist or a recreational cyclist. Each member will also receive coaching support on race weekends.

  • Team Jersey: $50

The jersey is completely optional. Only exception is we would like every team member that competes in the WORS series to have a jersey.

Team Details:

The team holds practices that focus on biking skills, general bike maintenance and race information. Early season practices will be held in Sun Prairie. Once the weather permits, we will make trips to local trails to get in some trail time and have a blast doing so.

A typical year has practices start mid to late March with one practice a week. Then in April, depending on weather, we will start practicing twice a week. A typical week for the team has practices on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The season will last from mid March until early October.




WORS Details and Costs:

If you are interested in racing aspect of the team. The following information will give you an idea of costs associated with and expectations with doing so.

Race Weekends consist of a Saturday Team Pre-ride of Race Course and then race day is Sunday with the following breakdown:

  • 9:30 am Junior Category, Race Length 5 Miles (30-45 minutes)
  • 10:00 am Citizen Category, Race Length 10 Miles (45-60 minutes)

Junior Age Category: Boys and Girls  ages 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14

Citizen Category: Boys and Girls ages 15-18.

Costs: $300* estimate + Accommodations and miscellaneous costs
*Team Membership Fees – $60 or $25
*WORS 10 Races – ~$20 / race with USA Cycling License or ~$30 / race (with one-day License)
*USA Cycling License – $35 / year USA Cycling License (Junior)
Accommodations – Information and recommendations are on the WORS website

Miscellaneous Costs: trail passes, WORS series registration, bike repair, gear (helmet, bike, clothes)